Note on the comprehensiveness of the data

The specialist walking-trail organisations of the cantons, together with their umbrella organisation, the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation, use this platform to publish the trail closures and detours that are reported to them. However, it is not possible to guarantee that these data are comprehensive.

In addition, please observe the following information:

  • Walking trails are intended for walking during the snow- and ice-free times of year. Outside of these times, the walking trails are closed only in particular situations (e.g. if closures last for longer than one year, the trails remain continuously closed). Depending on the time of year, the weather conditions and the location, walkers must expect to encounter snow, ice and other hazards along the way. In such conditions, it is the individual responsibility of walkers to use the trails safely. Please therefore carefully plan your walk and continuously check the current trail and weather conditions along the way. Additional information is available from the regional tourism organisations and at
  • Closed / rerouted winter walking trails and snowshoe trails are not publicised.
  • Please observe any local closures, noticeboards with information on any hazards and regulations, and diversion signposts. Local information and signposts take precedence over any digital closure/diversion information.
  • The announcements above all relate to long-term closures lasting at least one week.
  • Trail closures / diversions are updated daily. Newly recorded closures / diversions are “provisionally” published and “validated” within one to three working days and translated into four languages (G, F, I, E). Please observe the corresponding “provisional” and “validated” notices in the information box.
  • Depending on the planning timeline for outdoor sports, trail closures / diversions can be announced up to seven days beforehand. Please note the indicated date in the information box.
  • The collaboration with the cantons and umbrella organisations for hiking trails is being continuously expanded. However, it is currently not possible to provide information for all of Switzerland.